Friday, January 1, 2021

Video Junkie Archive Site

Once upon a time, Facebook pestered the shit out of us to advertise on their platform of rampant assholery. We make precisely zero monies off of this site and shell out real cash for domain names. So we figure fiiiiiiiine, we'll pony up some dough to Mark Fuckerberg and hey, maybe we will get our good word about bad movies out to more cinemasochists like us. Sounds good, right?

We paid for several ad campaigns and after refusing to continue paying for more ads, we were suddenly banned from Facebook. Why? We were labelled "spammers". I don't really think this was retaliation for not continuing to give Facebook money, but considering the lengths that Ebay has gone to, to retaliate against people on their platform, it's not totally far-fetched. Perhaps some people who love Jesus because he hates libruls, darkies and socialism, took offence at our idea of entertainment and marked us as "spam" which Facebook allows you to do. Eitehr way, the upshot is that we were banned. Not for inciting a race war, not for plotting to kidnap a government official, not for advocating the the real world killings of journalists and politicians, just because. It's Facebook and you have no court (not even a kangaroo one), no appeal, no nothing.

Because of this, we were unable to post links in any form to this site. So even the people who are on our personal friends lists could see them. Nope, as far as Facebook is concerned, we are dead. So, we started up a new site and copied all of our stuff over to it. This site will remain as an archive for the links that are already floating around out there, but all of our new stuff will go up on the new and not at all improved site. Please bookmark and follow the new site which can be found here. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for sticking with us.

Video Junkie's New and Not in the Least Bit Improved Site!

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  1. Googled video junkie, and the work of horor fan Tyler Hosley, a film starring James Duval and Robert Lasardo came up

  2. I'm sorry that bullshit happened. Your site deserves way more attention!

    Have you thought of using Twitter again?

  3. Neither one of us are fans of Twitter, but once life mellows out for us (both of us have been dealing with the same real life issues 2000 miles apart), I'll try to get something together for Twitter.