Thursday, April 15, 2010

The "Never Got Made" File #6, #7 and #8: Sho Kosugi

With all this talk of ninjas, it wouldn't be right to leave out Master Ninja himself, Sho Kosugi. You couldn't throw a ninja star in the 1980s without hitting some kind of Kosugi related ninja movie in the theaters or in the works. Here are three announced but never made Sho Kosugi features.

DEVIL'S ODDS: AMERICAN TRINITY - Man, talk about a case of "What coulda been" cinema! Sho Kosugi teaming up with legendary Paul Smith (POPEYE; MIDNIGHT EXPRESS). If the flick had delivered on only half of what the preliminary art from the mid-80s promised, it would have been a classic. And for you Sept. 11th conspiracy fans, note the image in the background.
WAY OF THE NINJA - If you were salivating at the thought of Kosugi teaming up with Paul Smith, your head might explode to think he almost made a film with KOJAK himself, Telly Savalas. Listed Executive Producer Moshe Diamant had previously worked with Kosugi on PRAY FOR DEATH (1985).

HE AIN'T HEAVY, HE'S MY BROTHER - Finally, if you wonder who put the "sho" in showmanship, it was Mr. Kosugi. Here is an unrealized starring vehicle for his two sons, Kane and Shane, previously seen kicking butt alongside dad in NINE DEATHS OF THE NINJA (1985) and PRAY FOR DEATH (1985). This looks like a tough war drama and what better place to get a title than a late 60s pop ballad? Reasons for it not being made could include child labor laws, sensible parenting or lack of interest in the children's war epic subgenre.

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  1. Bizarrely, the He Ain't Heavy poster appears in a video shop in Series 2 of Little Britain, the popular BBC comedy show. I have no idea why, but it is, in colour.


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