Monday, January 10, 2011

Life in Poster Art: Juan Piquer Simón (1935-2011)

It seems like they are dropping like four flies on grey velvet nowadays.  This past week saw Spanish genre filmmaker Juan Piquer Simón pass away due to lung cancer.  We here at VJ have certainly had an odd relationship with the man (yes, we heard of him before Eli Roth gave his seal of approval and started singing the praises of PIECES).

For me personally, Simón (or J.P. Simon, his anglicized name for US markets) films were a two-viewing experience. The ones I saw as a kid (PIECES, SLUGS: THE MOVIE, ENDLESS DESCENT, CTHULHU MANSION) I absolutely hated, but they grew to really enjoy them when I revisited them a decade or so later.  Not that they had improved in quality by any means, but there was just a different light to them when not taken so seriously.  And shame on me for ever taking a film about killer mutant slugs seriously!

This week we will be looking at some of his flicks.  And you can check out our earlier review of CTHULHU MANSION as well.

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