Friday, October 27, 2017


Tomorrow is the big day - the release date of IT CAME FROM THE VIDEO AISLE from Schiffer Publishing. Some folks might have noticed a downturn in productivity on our blog and this is part of the the reason why. A sequel book to EMPIRE OF THE Bs, this chronicles the nearly 30 year existence of Charles Band's second company, Full Moon Entertainment. 480 pages with over 400 photos and words taken from over 60 exclusive interviews with some of Full Moon's best actors, screenwriters, directors, producers, and FX folks.

We were lucky enough to be brought onto the project in November 2014 by Dave Jay and Torsten Dewi and have spent the ensuing years doing lots of interviews, writing and generally pestering folks to get the inside scoop on this little indie movie company that could. VJ head honcho Thomas Sueyres pens two sections in the book - one dissecting the complicated history of DOCTOR MORDRID (1992) and the other focusing on Band's black comedy HEAD OF THE FAMILY (1996). In addition to that, Tom got to interview prolific Full Moon screenwriter Benjamin Carr (granting his first ever interview!). As for myself, I'm all over the book to an embarrassing degree with lots of write ups and interviews. Perhaps my biggest contribution is an overview of the PUPPET MASTER films, Full Moon's crowning series. If you were ever a fan of the films (or just b-movies in general), I recommend checking it out.

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