Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thomas' De Hart Attack Awards for 2013

Top Dozen Favorite First Time Viewings in 2013:
Welcome to the first annual De Hart Attack awards. This a way to honor the movies that I saw for the first time in 2013 that became instant favorites. There were so many that I had to pare down the list to just the top 12 most memorable.

THE CANDY TANGERINE MAN (1975): Best Matt Cimber movie ever.

DEMON OF THE ISLAND (1983): Creepy, weird French technophobe horror.

METAL HURLANT CHRONICLES (2012): It was like a long movie, it counts.

CORALINE (2009): Not even remotely comparable to NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, thankfully. A great movie made better with outstanding use of 3D.

ADAM CHAPLIN (2011): Someone call a doctor, I need my jaw reattached!

MACHO CALLAHAN (1970): Gritty, mean and dirty western with a fantastic cast and some neat twists.

GRAVITY (2013): The impending 3D blu-ray will be mine.

THE TAKE (1974): Amazingly cool and off-beat Billy Dee Williams cop flick that doesn't go where you think it will.

THE MASTER DEMON (1991): With a cast of Eric Lee, Sid Campbell, and Gerald Okamura, this is the Paul Kyriazi film that Paul Kyriazi never made!

THE WORLD OF YOR (1983): The extended TV version is really an amazing thing and my New Year's resolution is to actually finish my epic write-up of it, come what may, here to stay.

ACTION USA (1989): This movie totally lives up to it's name.

THE SPIRITS OF JUPITER (1985): Fun, low-budget, regional indy film that throws in every genre staple it can get its hands on.

(Dis)Honorable Mention: GETEVEN (1993) So you think you've seen self-indulgent vanity projects, have you? You ain't seen nothin' till you've seen L.A. lawyer John De Hart's attempt to set himself up as a singing, fucking, fighting action-star badass. A humiliating embarrassment for all concerned and mandatory viewing for hecklers like us.

Worst Film Viewed in 2013:
I would say JOHN CARTER (2012), but it is without a doubt HALLOWEEN (2007). Just a gawdawful movie, no matter how you slice it. Yes, I know you are looking at me with your "duh" face, but I kept seeing these posts on that damn internet thing saying how mindblowingly awesome it was. Not that I believed the slavering fan-boys and Rob Zombie apologists, but I just wanted to know what it was that divided people into camps. Now I know and I'm not a better man for it.

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  1. THE CANDY TANGERINE MAN might be the favorite of all the films I watched last year. I saw it at the Alamo Drafthouse. It desperately needs a legit release.

  2. Oh wow, I am green with envy. I can't imagine how awesome it must be to see it in a clean print in its proper AR.

  3. Nice to see some appreciation for the unfortunately obscure but very good Demon of the Island. I agree 100 percent on the Halloween remake. Just terrible.


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