Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Newsploitation: Trailers, Trailers, Trailers!

One thing Tom and I love doing via email is sending each other trailers for upcoming flicks that look promising.  So why not share that with the world?  Below are just a few of the things we've ogled lately and are flicks we're looking forward to.


If you hear a loud scream emanating from the end of the San Jose, California area, don't worry.  It is just Tom getting to watch this latest Kamen Rider throwdown.  Easily our most anticipated film of this summer, it is an all out war (taisen) between the old school and new school Kamen Rider character.  In our best Kamen Rider Wizard voice, "Yes...puh-lease!"


Oddly enough, it was watching this trailer for the new Kikaider film that got Tom and I back in touch with our old pal Kamen Rider and things haven't been the same since May. This remake/reboot looks slick as hell and got us promptly excited.  Word of a U.S. release is even better.


We're big fans of Michael Jai White and it is a crying shame he is still being relegated to low budget flicks.  In our mind, he should be headlining a $200 million dollar Marvel movie like BLACK PANTHER.  Alas, Hollywood is stuck in its ways so we end up with White in FALCON RISING.  Like his earlier BLOOD AND BONE (2009), this looks to have White seeking revenge while busting heads.  It is due out in September.


NINJA II: SHADOW OF A TEAR (2013) not only served as a great vehicle for Scott Adkins, it established Kane Kosugi (yes, son of '80s ninja legend Sho) as a bonafide action star in his own right.  His next vehicle is a TEKKEN prequel titled TEKKEN 2.  You got that?  Gaming fans have been bashing the hell out of this trailer, but if it delivers in the fight department, I'll be happy.  This came out on DVD this past week and is directed by Wych Kaosayananda (aka KAOS), who did the poorly received BALLISTIC: ECKS VS. SEVER (2002).

EDIT: Just give us good fights and we'll be happy.  Ah, so naive.  Turns out TEKKEN 2 is a steaming pile of celluloid and you can read Tom's review at this link to learn about the pain.


Speaking of KAOS, the director lives up to his name with his other project, ZERO TOLERANCE.  This began life as a film called ANGELS (2012) starring Dustin Nguyen and Gary Daniels.  Subsequent re-shoots have added the aforementioned Kosugi and Scott Adkins into the mix.  I'm sure this movie will be totally coherent (end sarcasm).  The first trailer is interesting, I guess.


When it was announced that Don "The Dragon" Wilson was going to be making a comeback of sorts, I kinda cringed.  I mean, we love Don here, but we didn't want to see him embarrass himself like the old retired fighter who comes back for one more fight.  Thankfully, this action flick lensed in Thailand looks to deliver the goods with lead Matt Mullins doing some impressive work.  Bonus points for Cynthia Rothrock!


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