Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Havoc: The "Never Got Made" Files #37 - #40


So much cocaine flowed to the brains of Hollywood execs in the 70s that someone thought a rock 'n roll Dracula film would be great.  "Hey, the kids love-ah the rock 'n roll and they love-ah the Dracula!"  DRACULA FEVER was advertised in 1980 but the "horror musical" never got made.  Never to let a ridiculous idea die, Hollywood kept the idea alive and the Cannon boys delivered the Drac rocker ROCKULA in 1990.


What could be worse than a Dracula rock picture?  How about something that looks like a slasher set in a disco? Actually, I'd totally dig that.  But, alas, the only victim here was disco as it was declared dead in the late 70s when this was advertised.  It was supposed to be a Matt Cimber picture.


Charles Bronson was Cannon's go-to guy when it came to projects no one wanted, but even this sounds pretty wild for Chuck.  Advertised in the late 1980s, THE GOLEM was (most likely) a take on the German silent horror film about ancient Jewish legend of a stone statue protector/vigilante that comes to life.  Who knows?  The only thing certain is Bronson would probably play a cop.  It never got made so audiences didn't get to see the stone face off between Bronson and the titular monster.


This is the kind of stuff that keeps Video Junkie honcho Tom up at night - more films produced by Canadian Pierre David.  THE TOTEM was advertised in 1982, right around the time writer David Morrell's FIRST BLOOD was big.  Morrell's novel centered on a small town in Wyoming that experiences a supernatural virus that causes the folks to be crazed, primal killers.  THE CRAZIES, what?  Regardless, this would have been pretty cool in the early 80s in the right hands.

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