Thursday, March 24, 2011

Clonin' the Barbarian: Universal's THE ADVENTURES OF CONAN live show

Yes, sir, the 80s ruled! Universal Studios Hollywood cranked out this 20-minute stage show to cash in on the success of their box office hero with some gymnastics and pyrotechnics.  "And just wait until you see our dragon!"  This is ripe stuff, from the fire breathing dragon to the powerful smoke that turns you from a scrawny kid to a muscle bound hero (and makes your shirt disappear in the process).  Seriously, if I saw this when I was 9-years-old, I might have died.  The only thing missing from this awesomeness on display in the promotional video below are some rockin' tunes by Sorcery! It managed an impressive decade long run at the park from 1983-1993 and was eventually replaced Beetlejuice's Rock and Roll Graveyard Review.  Hey, isn't he a Warner Bros. character?  Bad move, Universal, bad move.

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