Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The "Never Got Made" Files #58 - #60: More Charles Band Unmade Madness

Well, gotta do some sort of update to let the world know we haven't overdosed just yet.  And no better person than reliable ol' Charles Band and his plethora of unmade projects to give us some interesting blogfodder.


How something with such amazing artwork didn't get made is truly a travesty.  Listed producer-director Robert Amante is a pseudonym that Band used as a producer on the later SAVAGE ISLAND (1985) starring Linda Blair.  So perhaps SHACKLED somehow morphed into that project?


"The violent rise and fall of a powerful and corrupt man." So this is a documentary about Empire Pictures?  This one is a real curiosity - a seemingly normal gangster film from a time period where Band was all about little aliens and creepy monsters.


"The Intergalactic theatre of terror is about to be cancelled..." reads the tagline. Gotta go to my standard Jack Burton response and say, "I don't even know what the hell that means."  This was from the fall of 1984 and appears to be some kind of sci-fi flick.  Credited writer Robert Goethals appears to be a real dude with only 3 credits to his name.  What is really interesting is the attachment of producer Brian Yuzna on this, as he would produce RE-ANIMATOR with Band's help the following year.

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