Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Newsploitation: RAW FORCE Remaster!

We don't usually pimp DVDs and Blu-Rays on this site as for one, we want to be able to speak without bias, and for the other we have spent so many years watching multi-gen VHS copies of rare movies that we are after content first. That is not to say that we don't appreciate having some of our favorites given the white-glove treatment and restored to their original aspect ratios and image quality.

Case in point, one of our all-time favorites RAW FORCE (1982) has been remastered and is forthcoming from Vinegar Syndrome. Here is the post and some amazing screen shots from their Facebook page:

Just finished the grueling color-grading of RAW FORCE! There's over 1,500 shots in the film -- each with a different color setting. To put that in perspective, Tobalina films are usually under 200 shots...

Here's some fresh frame grabs to celebrate!

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