Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The "Never Got Made" File #16: HERCULES 1984

Once again, the enterprising Italians prove their merit with this announced but never realized modern attempt at the legend of Hercules. Luigi Cozzi had an international hit in 1983 with the Lou Ferrigno vehicle HERCULES so it seems only fitting his fellow countrymen jumped on the ball quickly. Sergio Corbucci had scored big a few years earlier with SUPER FUZZ (1980) so it is surprising this never got off the ground. I guess the challenges were limited. No doubt his "Based Upon an Original Idea by" credit came from a conversation where he said, "I got it! How about we set the story of Hercules in modern times? We'll call it HERCULES 1984! And we will release it in 1983!" In the end, it looks like a project that could have easily equaled the cheese of HERCULES IN NEW YORK (1970), the film that introduced Arnold Schwarzenegger to the world. Sharp-eyed Video Junkies click to make it larger and take note of the disembodied hands wrapped around one leg.

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