Monday, September 6, 2010

Pardon the Interruption! The Zombie Rabbit Award

Stop the presses! I know this break in our uh-may-zing Indiana Jones knockoff coverage will result in riots in the interwebs, but this is for good reason. The fine folks at Cinema Arcana and Schlockmania! have been kind enough to mention us with regard to the Zombie Rabbit Award. Thanks guys! We're glad to see someone is actually reading the blog and not just checking out the nekked chicks.

It also just dawned on us that this is a "pay it forward" award where you you list your top blogs. Of course, we don't read blogs but only look at them for the nekked chicks. Ha, just kidding, we are blind like Leo Fong. Seriously, here is our list in alphabetical order. The blogs below rock and everyone should check them out (and check out the two linked above as well):

*BAMBOO GODS AND BIONIC BOYS - Andrew Leavold is hardcore when it comes to Filipino cinema. How so? The man has a Weng Weng tattoo! Check out this amazing resource/database of crazy cinema from the Philippines. And check out his sister blog THE SEARCH FOR WENG WENG, which is all about his documentary that has morphed into the upcoming MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED.

*FASCINATION: THE JEAN ROLLIN EXPERIENCE - Pretty much the be all, end all for Rollin enthusiasts. Jeremy Richey runs a fine looking blog there (i.e. nekked chicks!) and is doing a thorough examination of Rollin's storied career film by film.

*HORROR 101 WITH DR. AC - Horror (duh!) reviews abound on this blog by HORROR 101 editor extraordinaire Dr. AC. Definitely check out his Fool's Views Haiku, where he breaks down the latest viewings in 5, 7, 5.

*KITLEY'S KRYPT - Technically not a blog, but a horror fan site on steroids! Mr. Kitley will feed your brain with horror info, reviews and convention reviews (check out his amazing piece on a 1988 Fango show). Then he will give you a good thump on the head with his weekly Mystery Photo. He calls it tough love. :-(

*TEMPLE OF SCHLOCK - A true inspiration! If you want the best ad scans, newspaper archives and obscure film info, this is the blog to hit. Chris Poggiali and Paul DeCirce's blog is filled with amazing stuff. Of special note is "The Endangered List," which profiles films that have fallen through the cracks of time (a feature that inspired our own "Never Got Made" Files).

*UNFILMABLE - Craig Mullins' one stop shop for all things Lovecraft cinema, which will forever be in our hearts for giving us our first internet shout out! Serious Cthulhu minded folk should make this a constant stop for all your news and updates on Lovecraft adaptations, big and small.

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